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Archive for August, 2008

Why Blog?

Like this fantastic drought tolerant combination: Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower) and Mexican Feather Grass (stipa tenuissima)

To blog or not to blog? That has been my question.  Like cell phones, I tried to abstain as long as possible. It was my secret rebellion against technology and progress, my attempts at being a quiet ludite. But, alas, I gave in for personal and practical reasons – and my goodness life has  been A LOT easier. And now its blogging. I find within myself a resistance to crossing over into the blogosphere, not unlike my rebellion against the cellular world.  I am someone who squealed with enthusiasm when given as a gift from my parents the book, The Art of the Hand Written Note. Yet, blogging’s pull is strong and exciting nonetheless. Perhaps its advantages outweigh what I perceive as disadvantages?

-Feature the creative plant combinations and garden spaces of the everyday gardener. What a walk in your neighborhood can do for your senses! I find myself time and time again inspired by my Seattle Greenwood  neighbors’ gardens – from their choice of garden art to their use of edibles as part of the landscape. Walks are free garden consultations.

-Get to know YOU and what you are doing in your garden. I am hoping this blog might expand relationships not only across the wireless lines but perhaps you can give me a personal tour if you live in the Seattle or greater Seattle area, and I can feature your garden right here through some snapshots and some of your sound bites? Or you can email me your thoughts and pictures too at gretchen@sacredspacesdesign.com

-Expand the gardening community and share resources.  Seattle is a gardening mecca in case you haven’t noticed. So many local resources for plants, salvaged materials, and FREE plant/design education.  If I can get my rear in gear I would like to feature some of these resources. For instance, every time I listen to the Greendays Gardening Panel on KUOW.org I always scramble for my pen and paper to write something down that might be of use to my clients or my own garden.


I will have to set aside additional time to keep up my handwritten letters.

Bye for now!