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He’s not a flower but…

hello handsome

I do love him to pieces. This picture was actually taken a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to post it. I couldn’t resist. It’s rare you walk into the house and stumble upon a human being just “being.” No music. No TV. No reading.  Nothing. Just sitting, kitty in lap, sipping coffee.

And looking so delicious in those overalls of his.

So I took a picture not only for his scrumptousness but because it was a beautiful thing to stumble upon.  Andre is a real advocate of boredom. We were just talking about “boredom” last night on our walk to the Phinney Ridge Farmer’s Market which closed by the time we got there.  He likes the word boredom. I prefer non-attachment or rather, generous emptiness.  We agree to disagree here but with the point being there is some wisdom in being still. Just being. Being bored. Listening to the source of our “hunger” and I am not just talking belly hunger although it can feel that way. Being still. Drinking coffee. Listening to yourself.  Enjoying the kitty on your lap.

I think this is a gift too.  If you can withstand what can feel like the scariness of the silence.  Because if you do you end up discovering YOU. And isn’t that something to love.

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