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Black-Eyed Suzy

I seem to have a thing for flowers a la prairie. This variety is called "Cherry Brandy."

There are indeed some stresses of being self-employed. But also many joys. One being: husband works from home so his wife can take a little breaksky from making sure their newborn baby is still breathing and spending oh about an hour to do as she pleases in the garden.

Finger under the nose test. It has waned. Some.  Just enough for me to plant these ruby-colored rudbeckias in one of our perennial borders. Rudbeckias. Also known as the quintessential  American prairie flower,  the Black-Eyed Susan.  Call me crazy but do their centers not remind you of a Golden Retriever nose?  I am weird.

the goldsturms gracing our dining nook table.

Anyhow, I am partial to BES not only for their shot of sunny color and garden resilience but they are champs in cut arrangements. Most common variety you might see splashed about your hood is rudbeckia ‘goldsturm.’  Goldsturm being German for “gold storm,” I learned. How apt. I plan on transplanting some of my own goldsturms to our front garden come fall so they might gain a bit more admiration. My hope is that they will complement some burgundy foliage I got going on.

Now if only I could get Justin Townes Earle’s Black-Eyed Suzy song out of my head. Probably not good parenting to be singing a song about a hooker to your newborn. But it is quite a catchy ditty. And a great album to serenade the eve of fall planting and keep you company while staring admiringly at your new tiny farm hand.

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  1. Delicious as always. “Finger under nose test.” I forgot about that…but oh, did we do that about every 30 seconds in the beginning! I’m loving your blend of blooming flowers and budding babies. Keep ‘em coming.


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