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Tilth Time

potatoes plural.

Just a little report from the weekend. We had a lovely family outing on Saturday to the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair. It had been a couple of years since I’d gone and boy has it expanded. No longer is it only a soiree where you can meet a few city chickens with names like Harriet, pick up a sack of potatoes (local of course), and oh some useful information on this thing called “composting.”  So old news.

It’s hip, folks. Almost too hip. I’m just sayin’. I kind of miss all the dreadlocks. But it was fun nonetheless and helped me get in the Fall spirit. I fancy looking at the gardens the best and of course snacking on all those delicious earthy eats.  And watching all those kiddos make flower crowns.  If you don’t know anything about Seattle Tilth, you really should check them out. Makes me proud to be a gardener and resident of Seattle.

My highlight though? Sitting under the shade of an apple tree with my boys, noshing on a freshly harvested Macintosh and playing the game: “Hey Andre, just for fun, why don’t you tell me all the things you love about me…”

He is really such a good sport.

The harvest fair is held at The Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford where there is a children's garden, demonstration garden and lovely P-Patch. Stumbled upon this plant marker in the P-Patch. Kind of genius. Need a plant tag? And a colorful one at that? Paint a rock.

Blue elderberry, I covet thee. Considered edible by both birds and humans (at least the juice I hear but do your own research). AND the birds multitask too, eating the berries as well as not so desirable insects. I want a bushel of your ice-blue berries please.

And what is this? A thistle? I like you.

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