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Everyday’s a First

Peanut Butter Bundt Cake before chocolate glaze.

We have been welcomed into the world of “firsts.” As proud new parents it’s all the rave. First coo. First laugh. First grab. It’s like heaven on earth to watch. Everything’s new for this little being. We parents on pins and needles to witness the small as monumental.

At the same time Milo has been “taking it all in” I have been also challenging myself to have some of my own firsts. (Notwithstanding the big fat first of being a parent; no wonder new parents require just as much sleep as their new little ones. Everything is new for us too). I am talking intentional firsts. Perhaps it’s a shame we adults (can I lump you in with me here so I feel less alone?) forget to have them or pursue them for that matter. Our routines and preferences help us structure our life (form – there it is again) yet they can also keep us from learning something new about ourselves and others, the world. It doesn’t even have to be big. I’m talking small, Milo-sized firsts.

This morning I sat in a different chair in our dining nook. That was a first. I didn’t realize how BORED I was sitting in the same seat with the same view of our living room. So me and Milo settled into our new seat accompanied by a pretty magazine and beverage and it actually changed my perspective of things. I now don’t see the need to re-arrange my living room. Nice.

I bet you there are dozens of firsts that happen to us everyday. The only difference being the absence of the uber-enthusiastic parent in our back pockets to cheer us on and simply delight in these small steps of newness we take. We should claim these, no? I am not sure why but part of me thinks it’s important.

Do you remember the thrill or disgust of your first kiss? The first time you grew and devoured your first vegetable? The first time you…

I did make a bundt cake a couple of weeks ago. That was a first too. Not to toot my own horn. (toot)

Bake a pie crust.
Label the perennials I am dividing from our garden with real labels, not mental ones.
Listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving because if I’m feelin’ it, why not? It is Milo’s first Christmas.

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