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Archive for February, 2011

Small is Beautiful – E. F. Schumacher

Small but sweet.

First it was Tiny Gardeners (last blog entry) now it’s tiny plants. A.K.A. small.  What is there not to like about small? Well, I guess there are some exceptions (you have your own), but when it comes to some things, small is just so much darn cuter than large.  Take babies for instance. And puppies.  Need I say more?

Small seduces, confronts us with the wish stop time.

Even today I found myself resisting the image of Milo as a musky teenager. Sorry teenagers. I’ll be your bestie any day but babies are way cuter and smell better and wear white onesies. Now if you wore onesies and smelled like fresh cotton you may convince me otherwise….

Small plants are pretty darn cute too. Like snowdrops (galanthus if you want to be Latin and all). I love these little early spring-time bulbs. I would be tempted to get out my scythe and secure the closest bud vase if these were in my parking strip. But I kept walking on as a good neighbor should.

Small plants do not necessarily make me wish to stop time but invite me to relish what it bears in terms of delicacy.  Sometimes all you have to do is look underfoot and there lays the detail you’ve been needing all along. How quaint.

Author Jon Kabat-Zinn has coined the phrase “the little things…aren’t so little.”  Isn’t that the truth. And I’m not just talkin’ about flowers here.

Tiny Gardener

I opted to paint my own nails for our table for two garden party.

It seems that I have taken a sabbatical from blogging. Once I potted up those amaryllis bulbs (which just bloomed thank you very much) it was sayonara. But I am back.

I have done my share of putzing in the garden though and as I reflect back on January’s fallow-time, my favorite moment was this: getting our son’s tiny hands and face all filthy with soil.  I tried to keep him clean but it was nearly impossible when you got a baby strapped to your front and you are trying to weed.  I don’t think he minded so much. By the way, I can also see why the ladies get manicures.

Some other to-do’s I got going are this:

1. Finish planting the sweet peas and place them on a bright windowsill. I also plan on starting some cerinthe. It self-seeds like crazy but I love it.

2. Sort through my seed inventory and toss any that are expired. Then make a new shopping list to replenish my stock of earthy productive goodness. And to think – all from a itsy bitsy tiny seed. Miracles in the palm of your hand and I am not just talking about Milo here, though that is really all I talk about now-a-days. That and my love of donuts (right, Lis’?)

3. Paint trellises. I have all these nasty wooden ones which bore me to tears. Why not paint them something vibrant? Good thinkin’ G!

4. Pick-up compost. This was my birthday present. Thanks, hon.

5.  Practice setting up the pack n’ play for Milo.  This will keep him cleaner I think. But he is always welcome to dig in the dirt alongside me. Always.