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Paint X Numbers

My new treasures framed around some viburnum davidii, hakonechloa aureola, and blue star creeper.

I’ve never really defined my blog. Plants and gardens are the obvious primary threads.   Yet, I think it just so happens to be a place for me to share about things I love.  Nothing unique there (what blog doesn’t do that these days?), just felt like I needed to preface this post because what in the world do paint-by-numbers have to do with outdoor spaces? Nothing, except that I can’t seem to live without either of them. I lucked out and found these at a garage sale one neighborhood over. I had to fight for them and I won. But I also won a new friend! And you know what’s horrible? I was so excited about my paint-by-numbers, my new tank tops, and a few other discretionary items,(not to mention how friendly and fun the garage sale hosts were) that I forgot my bestie’s name! You told me, I know. I feel terrible.

Call me, my new friend, you.

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