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Sunday Plenty


Jean Bradbury's "Plenty" (oil on canvas), image courtesy of http://www.jeanbradbury.blogspot.com/

It is Sunday afternoon and we are having family time at Caffe Fiore on Queen Anne Hill. There have been many cups of coffee had on this hill here with this hubby of mine but he was pre-hubby then and we, pre-child. It was on this hill too that we often asked one another, I think he first: “What was your perfect moment today?

Everyone defines their perfect moment in their own way.  There are no right or wrong answers. Just yours. And you know it best.

My perfect moment today was sitting down to a large round wooden table to a steamy latte, a stack of coupons to rifle through, baby Milo on lap, my mate to my left, and Jean Bradbury’s exquisite oil-paintings keeping watch over us all the while. I was immediately drawn and after reading her blog I can see why – she’s a gardener for one. 2) She likes the poet Billy Collins whom my friend Morgan just introduced me to and 3) She pays attention to the little things. I sure like what Jean sees.

Thank you Jean for contributing to my perfect moment today. I especially love your “Plenty.”

What was your perfect moment today?

One Word

earnest (adj.): serious in intention, purpose, or effort; sincerely zealous: an earnest worker. (according to www.dictionary.com)

“Give me one word…”

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find it difficult to communicate what I feel or what I am experiencing and I’m talking about to people who WANT to know. Sometimes it’s because I don’t know the answer. Other times it’s because I feel so many things I get overwhelmed and find it hard to reduce my answer to its simplest form.  That’s when I often ask myself and others who struggle with the same thing – this: “Well, let’s just begin with one word.  What is the first word that comes to mind…?”

It’s a fun Rorschach-esque little game I like to play not only with others but apparently also with inanimate objects.  Like the above.  One word to describe this scene?


I love my neighborhood. We might not have sidewalks but we do have great statuary. It does really help you get a closer looksee at what’s growing or in this case, gathering…under a camellia tree.

This garden vignette is chock full of intent, in my opinion. No, hipsters this would not be featured in DWELL magazine but I love its earnestness.  I mean, someone took the time to arrange this lovely assortment of woodland fauna (+one gnome) into a community.

Makes me want to go play. Lighten up a bit.

To be earnest.  Live with intention. It’s not one of the adages in the 4 Agreements, is it?  It should be. Pairs nicely with not taking your life too seriously because let’s face it. For some of us, intention could get the better of us, its shadow side squeezing the spontaneity out of things. Like the pleasure of not being productive. Like getting stuck in traffic (Why God WHY?). Or say taking naps. Then again, I think my husband approaches every nap with a heavy dose of earnestness don’t you dear?

And to think this all began with one word.

Be earnest. With others. With yourself. Or whatever you create in the garden or otherwise.

Now I gotta go get me some of my own woodland creatures, however, I do in standard Greenwood fashion own one garden gnome. I will have to take him out of hiding.

Seriously. Peak through the chain link fence...